Welcome to the Transana Cloud Service.


Transana is a really powerful tool for the qualitative analysis of text, still image, and media data. Transana Multiuser allows teams of researchers to share data and do qualitative analysis collaboratively, which is even more powerful. Transana was the first qualitative analysis tool to tap into this power, releasing the first multiuser version in 2002. Historically, being able to share data in this way required a server, and that was an obstacle for some research projects.

The Transana Cloud Service simplifies data sharing. It takes the place of the server, allowing everyone on your research team to securely access your data wherever they may be.

There are two important things to note.

First, your users must have reliable internet. The Transana Cloud Service is, after all, a Cloud service.

Second, you don’t share your image and media files through the Transana Cloud Service. Those large files need to be available to Transana more quickly than the internet allows. Instead, you should use a secure file sharing service such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, or iCloud to share your media files with your collaborators. That way, each collaborator can have a “local” copy of the media files for fast access. (By “local,” we mean a computer’s hard drive or on that computer’s local area network. This ensures access speeds fast enough to play even large video files reliably.)

For more information, please see the Transana web site.